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Position Description & Duties

The Membership Director is responsible for providing leadership to membership activities in chapters, particularly assuring that chapter membership directors have access to resources necessary to recruit at-large SHRM members to chapters, local chapter members only to SHRM, and non-affiliated HR professionals to both organizations. The Membership Director also provides leadership to member engagement/retention measurement and strategies of chapters.
State Director
  1. Attend all State Council meetings and actively participate in Council matters.
  2. Provide leadership to chapter membership directors in all areas of membership responsibility.
  3. Assure that chapter membership directors have access to best available resources for member recruitment and retention to assist with: at-large members to chapters; local members only to SHRM; non-affiliated professionals to both organizations; and engagement/retention of current chapter members.
  4. Track and report to State Council statewide and chapter membership growth and other relevant membership data (e.g., demographic data on members).
  5. Track and report to State Council statewide and chapter member retention rates.
  6. Collect successful membership recruitment/retention initiatives to share with chapter membership directors.
  7. Provide a forum at State Council meetings, State Leadership Conference , via conference calls and/or through Social Media for chapter membership directors to discuss membership issues and share successful recruiting/retention practices.
  8. Serve as resource for those chapters struggling to meet minimum standards in SHRM membership to assure that chapters are not disaffiliated for not meeting requirement.
  9. Encourage uniform membership requirements for all chapters based on the SHRM model for membership qualifications.
  10. Attend State Leadership Conferences to assure representation for this critical area of responsibility.
  11. Inform the Council of at-large members who indicate an interest and have demonstrated potential for leadership positions.
  12. Assist the Council in the dissemination of information, providing timely and accurate responses to proposals, surveys, and questionnaires.
  13. Facilitate two-way communication between the Council leadership and the membership.
  14. Utilize National SHRM resources as needed.
  15. Perform other duties as assigned by State Director.
  16. Host a WI SHRM booth at the State Conference.
  17. Promote and communicate membership successes for our chapters.
  18. Create communication and networking plan to connect Members-at-Large to local Chapters.
  • National SHRM Membership in good standing required.
  • SHRM certification preferred.
Serves a one-year term beginning the first day of January and ending the last day of December. May be reappointed for two additional one-year terms for a total service of three years.

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