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2021 Brings Certification Changes to WI SHRM
As an affiliate of SHRM, one of the purposes of WISHRM is to actively promote SHRM certification and recertification for the SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP®) and SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP®) by ensuring that all our program content is aligned to the SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge® (SHRM BoCK®).

In 2019, WISHRM decided that as a council starting in 2021, we would only be providing pre-approved professional development credits (PDC’s) for the SHRM certification and will discontinue the pre-approved HRCI professional development recertification credits for our programs.  WISHRM will continue to provide the high-quality programming that members are accustomed to such as our annual Day on the Hill, Leadership Conference and State SHRM Conference and event participants can still file for PDC’s with HRCI, however the process to do so will change slightly.  

As you hit the road for conferences or continuing education events in 2021 (whatever that may look like) to maintain your HRCI credentials, here are some steps to track and submit your hard-earned recertification credits:
  • Under the “Get Certified” option on the top of the page banner, select: Add Recertification Credits > Add My Recertification Credits > Add Activities. 
  • Select No for the “Did you complete an HRCI pre-approved activity?” question. 
  • Record your activities as individual sessions under the “Instructor-Led Continuing Education” category of your HRCI recertification plan and follow the instructions. 
  • When self-reporting, you should upload a certificate or letter of attendance, registration form, course syllabus, unofficial transcript, grade report or other course materials/syllabi for each program entered.  It is always a good practice to keep a file of your proof of completion/attendance until you have gained your recertification in case of an audit or a question on the program eligibility. 
To calculate the number of recertification credit hours for each activity:
  • Count only the educational time spent. Don’t include registration, meals, breaks, pre-work, homework or other non-educational parts of the activity.
  • Calculate recertification credit hours to the nearest quarter hour. For example, if a one-day workshop includes five hours and 20 minutes of actual educational time, you should round the number of recertification credit hours to 5.25.
  • At a conference, you earn one recertification credit hour for every hour of concurrent session time, excluding meals and breaks. For example, a 75-minute session equals 1.25 recertification credit hours.
  • You also earn credit for general sessions if the speech lasts at least one hour and is HR-related. Activities during a meal don’t count toward recertification credit. 
For more information or for assistance on entering  the recertification process for HRCI, please click on the link:  https://www.hrci.org/recertification/recertify-by-credit/defining-hr-related  or reach out to HRCI directly at info@hrci.org or 1-866-898-4724.

If you are currently a certified professional through HRCI, we hope that you will consider the SHRM certification in the future.  More information on the SHRM BoCK is available on the SHRM certification website at shrmcertification.org

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