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WI SHRM Diversity Award Winner Announced!
The Wisconsin SHRM State Council presented the WI SHRM Diversity Award to Engauge Workforce for all their hard work in the areas of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  The winner is always a company or organization that demonstrates organizational achievements, as well as being a role model in their local community and a strong advocate for diversity.

Engauge specializes in manufacturing and distribution, partnering with their clients to provide both staffing and recruiting services as well as outsourced manufacturing and reshoring in their Menomonee Falls production facility.

Engauge is pioneering and leading innovative initiatives to make their workforce feel included.  They are heavily focused on supporting individuals from diverse backgrounds and those with diverse abilities, helping their clients build the infrastructure to support both a traditional and non-traditional workforce.  Their team’s diverse backgrounds contribute to the organization’s competitive advantage and their work is accomplished in flexible ways that create effective and empathetic environments for their workforce.

Both Engauge’s Associate-facing and client-facing resources reflect the diverse talent pools they partner with, allowing the Engauge team to uniquely understand both the challenges these communities face and the nuances required to successfully integrate these communities into their clients’ organizations.

Multiple aspects of Engauge’s work were particularly comprehensive and made tremendous impacts. 

87% of their Recruiters, 100% of their Workforce Engagement Consultants, 100% of their Onsite Leads, 100% of their Payroll Processing team and 80% of their Customer Service Representatives come from diverse backgrounds.  The team is fluent in Spanish, French, Burmese, Karen, Rohingya, Malay, Hindi, Mina, Fon and Manding.

Tours are offered at their outsourced manufacturing facility to any companies or community partners that are interested in seeing a real-life example of how to successfully create a fully inclusive environment in their facility.

They translate work instructions used in their outsourced manufacturing facility into multiple languages to allow for non-English speaking Associates to not only work in the facility, but most importantly thrive. They also offer translation services to their clients seeking to translate work instructions or other materials to support diverse workforces

Internal team members from diverse backgrounds are used to educate new team members on their specific communities’ cultural norms to ensure they understand how to best interact with individuals from those communities.

They partner with the Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin (DSAW) to provide Associates with diverse abilities the opportunity to get exposure to manufacturing and distribution at their outsourced manufacturing facility. Engauge is a subrecipient of DSAW’s Workforce Innovation Grant from the DWD and WECD, which will allow them to increase their training offerings to include things like inventory control and robot programming.

Engauge’s holistic work in so many different areas of DE&I truly serves as an example other companies can follow and use as a resource to create top-down cultural change within their organizations. 

The Wisconsin State SHRM Council is proud to recognize Engauge Workforce Solutions for its work in displaying the ideals of which the award represents in diversity, equity, inclusion and workplace flexibility.


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