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Millennials Changing the Way Employers Look at Health Care Benefits
Born between the early 1980s to the mid-1990s, millennials (also dubbed Generation Y) encompass a mantra much like the ‘80s rock song with the lyrics, “We’re not gonna take it ... we’ve got the right to choose it ... if that’s your best, your best won’t do.”

While they may not be smashing guitars at work, millennials certainly are shaking up the benefits industry. A recent report by Clarity Benefit Solutions cites four distinct benefit traits that employers should take into consideration with their millennial workers.
  1. Health care isn’t a big priority for them. Many haven’t visited a doctor’s office within the last year. More than half of millennials report that regular checkups, vaccines, and health insurance aren’t part of their personal health care routine.
  2. They are health information gatherers. Millennials get their information from a variety of sources, not just their HR benefits person. Most have smartphones and are internet savvy, choosing self-diagnosis and treatment before turning to a medical doctor for help.
  3. They want it now. Millennials aren’t necessarily patient patients when it comes to waiting for providers to fit them into their busy schedules. They want immediate answers, and don’t want to wait several days for an appointment. They may turn to quicker solutions such as urgent care.
  4. Health care costs are important to them. Under a lot of financial pressure, millennials are cost conscious when making health care decisions. So, they’re not afraid to get estimates or ask how much a procedure will cost.
Benefits managers who are up for the challenge must think a bit outside the box when trying to reach their millennial employees.

Create ways to make it easy for them to see a doctor. Use an online health care and benefits platform that easily lays out their options and allows employees to have immediate access and the ability to make changes. Benefits managers should also work with providers to establish good provider-patient relationships that offer same-day, or at least next-day, appointments.

Key to remember: While health care may not be a high priority item for millennials, keeping them healthy should be a priority for employers.
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