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2023 WI SHRM Diversity Award Winner Announced!
Starting in 2008, the Wisconsin SHRM State Council established and began to recognize organizations with our WI SHRM Diversity Award for all their hard work in the areas of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.†

The winner is always a company or organization that demonstrates organizational achievements, as well as being a role model in their local community and a strong advocate for diversity.

During the recently held Wisconsin State SHRM Conference, it was announced that Schreiber Foods received the 2023 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion award.†

Schreiber Foods strives to do good through food every day. Based in Green Bay, Schreiber is a customer-brand leader in cream cheese, natural cheese, process cheese, beverages, and yogurt Ė including plant-based options.

Schreiberís almost 10,000 employees and presence on five continents enable it to be an essential ingredient in its customersí success. With annual sales of more than $6.8 billion, Schreiber partners with the best retailers, restaurants, distributors, and food manufacturers around the globe. Schreiber also recognizes its responsibility to do good in the world, and its employees are driven to make a difference in everything they do.

Schreiberís holistic work in so many different areas of DE&I truly serves as an example other companies can follow and use as a resource to create top-down cultural change within their organizations.†

Please feel free to use the link below for access to additional portions of their nomination document with comments and explanations from Schreiber about their work in the field.†

Wisconsin State Council SHRM is proud to recognize Schreiber for its work in displaying the ideals of which the award represents in diversity, equity, inclusion and workplace flexibility.


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