Workforce Readiness Director

Position Description & Duties

Serves as an appointed member of the State Council.  Monitors and evaluates on a continuing basis national, state, and local activities concerning workforce readiness.  Works in cooperation with local chapter Workforce Readiness Advocates. 
State Director
  1. Serve as an advocate and program coordinator for workforce readiness State Council activities.
  2. Attend all State Council meetings and actively participate in Council matters.
  3. Identify and evaluate issues that impact workforce readiness and develop goals for State Council workforce readiness strategy.
  4. Serve as a resource for local chapter members on workforce readiness issues and provide leadership to the local chapters on education issues.
  5. Monitor local activities concerning workforce readiness and provide timely information on education issues to the State Director, local chapter President and local chapter Workforce Readiness Director.
  6. Develop and support workshops and seminars that address workforce readiness issues.
  7. Provide special recognition for local chapter members and for local programs that promote betterment of the local workforce through educational process.
  8. Participate in SHRM Workforce Readiness Core Leadership Area events, including the SHRM National Leadership Conference, the National SHRM Workforce Readiness Conference, and state and regional conferences.
  9. Participate in the development and implementation of short-term and long-term strategic planning for the State Council.
  10. Perform other duties as assigned by the State Director. 
  • SHRM membership in good standing required
  • SHRM certification preferred
Serves a one-year term beginning with the first day of January and ending the last day of December.  May be reappointed for two additional terms for a total service of three years. 

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Contact Information

Beth Chambers

Beth Chambers
WISHRM State Council Workforce Readiness Director
Blackhawk Technical College
326 Forst Park Blvd
Janesville, WI 53545
Ph: 608-290-8776



Beth has been involved in adult education and training for over 16 years at Blackhawk Technical College. Whether in the classroom or the training room, sheís participated in improving the hard (technical) skills or soft skills of entry and mid-level employees. In the last five years, she has created and continues to teach the Human Resources Associate Degree program at BTC. SHRM has proven to be an invaluable resource for the program from providing a body of knowledge framework for curriculum to job opportunities for her graduates.

Beth is SPHR certified, a member of the Association of Talent Development (formerly ASTD) and a member of the Wisconsin Association for Career and Technical Education. She is excited about the position of Workforce Readiness Director for Wisconsin SHRM aimed at communicating about the constant changes in job requirements for organizational success, the wide-range of diversity in the Wisconsin workforce and the programs the government offers to meet those needs.

Additional Information


The State Director is the chief elected officer of the State Council and effectively establishes policy, strategies, and objectives consistent with SHRM, Region and National Board policies. The State Director provides guidance to Council members.