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Wellness Leadership Resources
Suggested reading to enhance your leadership journey
Last month’s article addressed the importance of leadership, not just at the C-Suite level, but for all employees—especially those leading a wellness initiative. Leadership skills can be nurtured and developed; indeed, to become an effective leader it is important to have self-discipline and to know yourself and what drives you. 
Successful HR, benefits, and wellness professionals adopt this mindset and model this approach in a variety of ways. One important way to cultivate this mentality is by reading leadership books. Choices abound, but here are a few suggestions to help you get started:
  1. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. A timeless classic first published in 1989 that remains relevant today. Covey presents “the character ethic” through habits that involve independence, interdependence, and continuous improvements for meaningful personal growth. 
  2. Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. Another timeless classic, Frankl was a psychologist who survived the holocaust in World War II and recorded his experiences in Part I of the book. Part II details his theories about the importance of finding meaning and purpose in life, which comprised his theory of logotherapy.  
  3. Shared Values – Shared Results: Positive Organizational Health as a Win-Win Philosophy by Dee Edington and Jennifer Pitts. This new book was just published in December. After 40 years in the worksite wellness industry, Dr. Edington is addressing the importance of leadership at all levels. The authors embrace visionary leadership as a process that includes everyone in an organization. 
Look to other leaders in the field for their recommendations on books to read as well; people like Bill Baun, Dr. David Hunnicutt, Dr. Michael O’Donnell, Laura Putnam, and Dr. Paul Terry, to name just a few. And if finding time to read is a barrier, audio books may be an alternative. Technology has made them more readily available and at a smaller cost. Most importantly, find a way to make it work for you and get started. 
Take the next step
Want to build on your leadership skills and make a real difference in your organization’s wellness program? Complete your bachelor’s degree online with University of Wisconsin Health and Wellness Management. You could become a knowledgeable and respected wellness leader in as little as two years. 
By Theresa Islo, program manager for the University of Wisconsin Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management
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