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Workforce Readiness - November 2015 Update
Update: I represented Wisconsin SHRM to the Legislature's Task Force on Workforce Readiness. On Sept. 10th, I attended an all-day session at the Capital and spoke to the task force around 4 pm. I distributed a handout that described the activities that our chapters engage in from around the state concerning workforce readiness. They agreed with my statement that HR professionals are the ones intimately involved with this issue and see it on a regular basis. My hope is that when there is legislation proposed to address a workforce issue that they will invite us to the discussion. In this instance, I contacted Rep. Mark Spreitzer of Beloit and he invited me to speak. 
My impression is however, that the task force members do not necessarily communicate with others as one body and that their own discussion can be difficult to arrange. Also, the appointments to the committees and task forces are not specialized and the legislator may be pulled in many different ways. We as WISHRM need to continue our efforts to communicate directly with the legislators and their staff and reinforce our message as a professional organization without industry ties. It became obviously clear to me as the day wore on that the industries that retain lobbyists will receive preferred recognition. Needless to say, I was the only volunteer in attendance that day and was second to last in the speaking line-up. On the positive note, the task force members asked many HR related questions of me and I felt that my contribution was appreciated.

Thank you,
Beth Chambers, Workforce Readiness Director
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